A response to Hurricane Sandy- New post up at Sustainable Business Oregon blog

Stephen’s newest post is up at Sustainable Business Oregon:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I grappled with many emotions: Relief that my family and friends are safe, sorrow for the pain and damage left behind and — mostly — enormous frustration caused by yet another reminder of the devastating human, economic and environmental impacts of climate change.

Climate change, and the role and responsibility of government for addressing it, have been markedly missing from this presidential election. Even when President Barack Obama made brief mention of his efforts to fight global warming, he was mocked. While some politicians are now bringing this into the campaign discourse, it just doesn’t feel genuine. All I can think is, “duh.”

So why is the CEO of a small design-build firm in Oregon blogging about global climate change? Because given the right resources, incentives and political leadership, I believe that I can be part of the solution. Read more here…

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