Interested in Ankeny Row?

Find more information in our sales packet at this link (please be patient, it’s a large file.)

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3 Responses to Interested in Ankeny Row?

  1. I did not see the estimated prices of the units…any idea? Move-in date(s)? Child-friendly? Pets?
    Love the passive house concept and look forward to the day when builders will adopt it as a matter of course!

  2. dick benner says:

    Dr. Wolochow,
    The two townhouses that front Ankeny Street will be $581,000 (approx, 1480 sf); the three on the back of the courtyard will be $571,000 (approx, 1860); the flat (approx. 875 sf) above the common room will be $351,000. These prices include each unit’s share of the courtyard, the spa, the common room and storage facilities. The founding partners are not developers; there is no developer’s fee and there will be no profit. The units are expensive because passive house techniques are expensive.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions you have. You can reach me at 503.449.0278 or
    Dick Benner (founding partner)

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll pass it along to our daughter, who lives in PDX. I have an interest in passive houses, and have visited the first retrofit (I think) in the US, in Westport, CT, as well as a pre-fab yurt-type passive house in Bellingham, WA. I’d love to see this development if we get to PDX soon. Thanks again! Good luck…my hope is that passive house construction will become standard in the US in coming years. Just think of the energy savings. And when mass production brings down costs, this goal should be easier to achieve.

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