Green Hammer Now Installs Mini-Split Heat Pumps

A mouthful to say, but an elegant solution for heating AND cooling. They’re called mini-splits for short. Many homeowners want to convert attics and basements into additional living space or an ADU. It can be costly to retrofit old heating systems for the new space, which is where mini-splits come in. No ductwork required and flexibility to install multiple ports to ensure even heating/cooling distribution. The energy savings can be up to 40% in homes with all-electric heating systems and in houses that are well-insulated. It’s a great choice in new, high-performance homes. Some systems can now be accessed and controlled via mobile phone app.

A common complaint about mini-splits are their rather poor aesthetics. Honestly, we agree, the designs need improvement. One manufacturer, LG, heard the complaints and is now offering a port on which homeowners can mount art.  Check out Art Cool, but don’t get too attached. Its performance factor is so low that it doesn’t qualify for Energy Trust incentives  😦

Many mini-split heat pumps do qualify and are highly encouraged by the Energy Trust, electric utilities and the State. Total incentives add up to $1200.  Contact us if you’d like to learn if a heat pump can work in your home.

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