Ankeny Row – Urban Livability in True Portland Fashion

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“Pocket Neighborhoods” are sprouting up across the nation, and Green Hammer is proud to be designing one of Portland’s most artful and thoughtfully developed projects. Ankeny Row is also a milestone for us. It is our largest project yet to evolve through our design-build process, and it promises to provide the best in urban livability.

Our clients’ vision* started seven years ago with the idea to live near friends, on a smaller footprint, in a walkable neighborhood, and to have a lifestyle that would help them stay healthy during their retirement. Many Portlanders share these ideals – look at the highly sought-after communities of Sunnyside, Cully, Clinton, and Multnomah Village. Ankeny Row will be part of the Buckman neighborhood, located on its namesake bikeway at SE Ankeny and 25th Avenue. Built with traditional materials in a way that is contemporary yet reflective of Portland’s craftsman tradition, the final project will comprise five row homes, a flat, and a community room around a garden-courtyard opening to the street. Details as well as scale of Ankeny Row will reflect the homes and small businesses on the street. A 4-block walk from a grocery store, movie theater, and some of Portland’s best restaurants and cafes, the vibrant living experience at Ankeny Row extends beyond the home out into the bustling neighborhood.

Pioneering shared services is also something Portlanders do well. Think of Getaround car-sharing and the backyard farming movement. Ankeny Row is designed for owners to take full advantage of shared amenities, such as a shared Smart car with off-street parking, spa, sauna, and the central courtyard designed to grow seasonal veggies and fruit trees.   

 Reducing their environmental footprint is why the founders chose this urban location, where the Walk Score is an impressive 86. The project—designed to meet the Passive House standard—will use 70% less energy compared with similar homes and will allow for enough solar PV panels to allow all six units to achieve Net Zero Energy! All wood used to build the structure will come from local forests and carry the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label, ensuring that the forests that built this home remain healthy and productive long into the future.

* We’re as excited as our clients about the design and quality of life that this “pocket neighborhood” will offer. Currently 3 of the 6 units are available, so if this sounds like your ideal home, we’d gladly connect you with the project founders, Francie and Michael Royce and Dick Benner and Lavinia Gordon, who are long-time Portland residents and actively engaged members of the community.  Contact Us   or write to

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